NDC’s B&R Repair are the leading specialists in Acopos B&R drives and servomotor repair and maintenance

With over 15 year of experience, we have the know-how and laboratories to provide the best expert repair service for all B&R Automation Drives and Servomotors

With a proven track on certified quality with ISO9001, ISO14001 and QHSAS 18001, all our repairs are performed in-house, where our state of the art testing rig facilities allow equipment to be tested to its full capacity at OEM standards. The extent to which drives can be tested, means that B&R Repair’s results are just as reliable as an OEM repair, with faster turn-around times. Most other drive repairs companies rely on the manufacturer to fix their equipment, which can take days or even weeks.

Why B&R Repair?

  • Reliable and fast Acopos B&R drives and servo motors repair service
  • Standard Repair: 5 -7 day turnaround
  • Rapid Repair: 1-2 day turnaround
  • 24/7h nationwide service centers
  • No Fix – No Fee Policy
  • Fully refurbished drives and servomotors in stock for immediate dispatch
  • 12 month warranty for B&R Drive repairs
  • 24 month warranty for B&R servomotor repairs
  • Free collection & delivery to anywhere in UK
  • Free quotation
  • OEM quality standards
NDC's B&R Test Rig

NDC’s B&R Test Rig

Acopos B&R Drives systems we specialise in:

We have spent considerable investment in reverse engineering techniques to establish what makes a drive fail so that we can repair to OEM standards and perform fully functional tests. Our Acopos B&R drive and servomotor repair testing rigs allow us to fully functional test and analyse the B&R drives and servomotors pre and post repair. Our testing facilities are state of the art, and our extensive experience with research and development and reverse engineering techniques means that we can guarantee reliability in our repairs.

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