We are specialists in the repair of Acopos B&R drives and servomotors

We can repair your Acopos B&R drive or servomotor to OEM standards in a rapid turnaround time.

Our services – how it works:

  • We collect the drive free of charge from your site;
  • The drive is tested in our laboratory to assess the root cause of the failure;
  • A No Obligation Quote is produced to advice the best method of repair;
  • We fix the drive to OEM standards and re-asses the drives performance in high-tech testing rigs;
  • A Service Exchange option may be available on selected models;
  • Standard and Rapid Repair available;
  • Repaired drive is returned with complimentary delivery.

Acopos B&R drives we specialise in:

  • 8V1010.001-2
  • 8V1010.00-2
  • 8V1010.501-2
  • 8V1010.50-2
  • 8V1016.001-2
  • 8V1016.00-2
  • 8V1016.501-2
  • 8V1016.50-2
  • 8V1022.001-2
  • 8V1022.00-2
  • 8V1045.001-2
  • 8V1045.00-2
  • 8V1090.001-2
  • 8V1090.00-2
  • 8V1180.001-2
  • 8V1180.00-2
  • 8V128M.001-2
  • 8V128M.00-2
  • 8V1320.001-2
  • 8V1320.00-2
  • 8V1640.001-2
  • 8V1640.00-2

Acopos B&R Servomotors we specialise in:

  • 8LV compact motors
  • 8LS synchronous motors
  • 8lsn synchronous motors
  • 8js synchronous motors
  • 8ks synchronous motors
  • 8lt torque motors
  • 8ms synchronous motors
  • Stepper motors

You can check our Repair Register Database to know more about the models we’ve repaired in the past. The database currently contains 15166 items from 2198 manufacturers.

Contact us now for a free no obligation quote on 0800 137 104 or fill in the contact form below.

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