NDC’s B&R Drives have two testing rigs that are capable of testing all Acopos B&R Drives to their full capacity

Our research and development department have used reverse engineering techniques to understand what causes a drive to fail, which means that when we repair a drive it is guaranteed to be reliable.

Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to test for two reasons: to assess the root cause of the initial failure and to ensure that the repair has been effective. All this before it’s returned to the customer.

B&R Drive Repair: Testing Rig

B&R Engineer testing a drive on load: B&R Testing Rig used in conjunction with the Servo Motor Test Rig

B&R Servo Drive Test Rig Features

  • The test rig allows full functional testing of B&R’s range of Acopos servo drives. Including upload and downloading of parameters and using the drive to exercise the servo drive in a number of test routines.
  • This test uses both discrete control inputs and CAN Bus control thus checking all the drives communication possibilities.
  • The rig can be configured to use either its own test motor or if required, the customers motor for test.
  • The monitor screen allows essential running information to be looked at in real time on the display which means that the unit is not just tested by driving a motor, but can examine the characteristics of the drive such as speed, current and voltage in trace form.
  • The rig can used in conjunction with the Servo Motor Test Rig to provide a genuine load test which can be used to highlight faults seen only under load conditions.

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